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Continuing their relationship with deep-going free diver Carlos Coste, Oris produces another limited edition dive watch for the world record holder. This new Replica watch is the Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series timepiece - and will be offered as a set of 2000 pieces.

Coste just completed a new dive record by diving to 150 meters into the Don Ojos cenote (cave network) under Yucatan in Mexico. Coste, a Venezuelan native, dove down using minimal equipment. I have placed some videos here of his other dives - and you can see him wearing an Oris watch in them.

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The Replica Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition Diver is in high-grade titanium and 46mm wide. Oris makes some of the best diving watches around - and this piece exhibits all those features, plus a few extras. Additional features revolve around the chronograph markings on the dial which are said to assist with special dive times under water. Looking at the chronograph minute dial, you can see a special "1-10" scale done in luminant. The triangles are 2.5 minutes and 7.5 minutes refer to breath-holding records Carlos has set. While not functional - they aren't distracting and help remind of the diver's achievements.

The minute counter glows in the dark for ease of reading. A triangle at the seven minute position highlights Carlos’s record of 7:30 for holding his breath during a static dive. The case is titanium with a helium release valve. Power is provided by the ETA 7750 movement. The bezel is scratch-proof ceramic, and the numerals and triangle at the zero position are filled with SLN to provide optimum visibility in darkness.

Aside from this special dial, there is a unique blue and white caseback image to differentiate this limited edition watch. Oris Replica watches typically have such special casebacks for these limited edition divers. The one here has Carlos Coste's logo - one that looks like a strung out wet rag... or worse. AAA Oris Carlos Coste Replica Watches established a new Guinness world record for freediving by completing a 150 meter underwater swim using no breathing apparatus. The Venezuelan was armed with only a torch and a monofin when he made the dive, and now AAA Oris honors his achievement by creating a special Replica Carlos Coste Limited Edition Cenote Series diver’s watch.

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